Originally starting out assisting his dad on different projects for the Chicago/Boston- based Kidsbooks, Tony has gone on to co-create and design many of their activity-puzzle books. Founded in 1987, Kidsbooks, LLC. is a privately held, successful publisher of high-quality, fiction and non-fiction children's books. All titles are educationally sound and incorporate "fun" as a learning tool. (His dad's Where Are They?  series, has sold over 15 million copies in a dozen languages!)


Selected Kidsbooks titles:

The Kids 20th Century Question & Answer Book
Awesome Activities Cranium Challenge
Awesome Activities Brain Teasers
Awesome Activities Mind Masters
A-Maze-ing Dinosaurs
A-Maze-ing Cool Cars
A-Maze-ing Airplanes
A-Maze-ing Sea Creatures
A-Maze-ing Roller Coaster Mazes
Q & A Funtastic Maze
Q & A Awesome Mazes
Q & A Amazing Mazes
Travel Fun Pack
Back Seat Fun Book
Cars, Planes, Trains Fun Book
Biggest Book of Q & A Mazes
A Search & Find Picture Puzzle Book - Sports
Big Blue Activity Book
Big Yellow Activity Book
Big Red Activity Book
The Big Bible Activity Book
The Big Christmas Activity Book
Look & Look Again! Double-Find
Look & Look Again! Spot the Difference
Big Book of Seek & Find
Fun For All! Search For Santa
Search & Find The Night Before Christmas
Search & Find I Thought I Saw a Dinosaur
Biggest Book of Spot the Difference
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