In the early 1980s, Tony began creating weekly newspaper features for The McNaught Syndicate (an American newspaper syndicate). These included Magicword, Spot-A-Pix (along with his dad 
Anthony), and Trivia Treat (which he had taken over from the feature's original creators).
In the late 1980s, McNaught Syndicate was bought by 
Tribune Media Services, an innovative entrepreneurial business unit of Tribune Company. Headquartered in Chicago, TMS continues to distribute Tallarico's features. Eventually a trivia/maze spot and a bi-lingual circle-a-word were added to the weekly features. While some features eventually ended, his bi-lingual feature called Word Salsa took off. Within months of its introduction Word Salsa became a daily feature.
Today Tribune is known as
Tribune Content Agency.

Tony's Word Salsa continues to run in nearly 50 publications on a daily basis all over the country.